2007 EuroLeague Women
1 Nov. 2006 to 1 Apr. 2007
Participating Teams
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BC Volgaburmash BC Volgaburmash Group B
Beretta - Famila Beretta - Famila Group A
Bourges Basket Bourges Basket Group B
Dexia Namur Dexia Namur Group B
Fenerbahce Fenerbahce Group C
Gambrinus Brno Gambrinus Brno Group C
Halcon Avenida Halcon Avenida Group B
Lotos Lotos Group C
MiZo Pécs MiZo Pécs Group B
MKB Euroleasing MKB Euroleasing Group A
Ros Casares Ros Casares Group C
Spartak Spartak Group A
TEO Vilnius TEO Vilnius Group A
UMMC Ekaterinburg UMMC Ekaterinburg Group C
US Valenciennes Olympic US Valenciennes Olympic Group C
USO Basket USO Basket Group A
Wisla Can-Pack Wisla Can-Pack Group A
ZVVZ USK Prague ZVVZ USK Prague Group B