2011 EuroCup Women
27 Oct. 2010 to 24 Mar. 2011
Participating Teams
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Aris Aris Group C
Arras Arras Group K
BBC Sint-Katelijne-Waver BBC Sint-Katelijne-Waver Group L
Besiktas JK Besiktas JK Group C
Chevakata Chevakata Group A
Dexia Namur Dexia Namur Group K
Dexia Namur Capitale Dexia Namur Capitale Group
Dynamo - GUVD Dynamo - GUVD Group F
Dynamo Kursk Dynamo Kursk Group E
Dynamo Kyiv Dynamo Kyiv Group
Elitzur Ramla Elitzur Ramla Group F
Energa Torun Energa Torun Group J
ESB Lille Metropole ESB Lille Metropole Group I
Gran Canaria Gran Canaria Group L
HATIS Yerevan HATIS Yerevan Group F
Horizont Horizont Group B
Jolly JBS Euroline Jolly JBS Euroline Group E
Lemminkainen Lemminkainen Group A
Lotto Young Cats Lotto Young Cats Group I
Lupa Promotion Novi Zagreb Lupa Promotion Novi Zagreb Group D
Mann Filter Mann Filter Group J
Mediteam Szeged Mediteam Szeged Group L
Minsk-2006 Minsk-2006 Group G
Nantes Rezé Nantes Rezé Group H
Olivais Coimbra Olivais Coimbra Group I
Partizan Galenika Partizan Galenika Group C
Petrolina AEK Petrolina AEK Group G
Reyer Venezia Reyer Venezia Group K
Ruzomberok Ruzomberok Group I
Saarlouis Royals Saarlouis Royals Group H
SCM-CSS Craiova SCM-CSS Craiova Group B
Seat Györ Seat Györ Group H
Sony Athinaikos Sony Athinaikos Group D
Spartak Noginsk Spartak Noginsk Group B
Sport Algés e Dafundo Sport Algés e Dafundo Group J
Vagos Vagos Group H
WBC Dynamo WBC Dynamo Group G
Zeljeznicar Zeljeznicar Group A