2010 EuroLeague Women
28 Oct. 2009 to 11 Apr. 2010
Participating Teams
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Beretta-Famila Beretta-Famila Group B
Bourges Basket Bourges Basket Group C
Cras Basket Taranto Cras Basket Taranto Group A
ESB Lille Metropole ESB Lille Metropole Group B
Fenerbahce Fenerbahce Group D
Frisco Sika Brno Frisco Sika Brno Group D
Galatasaray Galatasaray Group A
Good Angels Kosice Good Angels Kosice Group C
Gorzow Gorzow Group C
Gospic Croatia Gospic Croatia Group B
Halcon Avenida Halcon Avenida Group B
Lotos Gdynia Lotos Gdynia Group D
MiZo Pécs 2010 MiZo Pécs 2010 Group B
MKB Euroleasing MKB Euroleasing Group C
Rivas Ecópolis Rivas Ecópolis Group C
Ros Casares Ros Casares Group A
Sparta&K Moscow Region Sparta&K Moscow Region Group D
Szeviép Szeviép Group D
Tarbes GB Tarbes GB Group D
TEO Vilnius TEO Vilnius Group A
TTT Riga TTT Riga Group A
UMMC Ekaterinburg UMMC Ekaterinburg Group A
Wisla Can-Pack Wisla Can-Pack Group B
ZVVZ USK Prague ZVVZ USK Prague Group C