2015 EuroChallenge
15 Sep. 2014 to 30 Apr. 2015
Participating Teams
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Antwerp Giants Antwerp Giants Group G
Atomerömü SE Atomerömü SE Group F
Avtodor Avtodor Group D
Bakken Bears Bakken Bears Group C
BC Astana BC Astana Group D
BC Enisey BC Enisey Group H
BC Siauliai BC Siauliai Group H
Belfius Mons-Hainaut Belfius Mons-Hainaut Group E
Bonprix Biella Bonprix Biella Group G
Boras Basket Boras Basket Group C
Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca Group F
CSM Oradea CSM Oradea Group D
Egis Körmend Egis Körmend Group B
Enel Basket Enel Basket Group A
Energia Energia Group B
Fraport Skyliners Fraport Skyliners Group C
JSF Nanterre JSF Nanterre Group E
Kataja Basket Kataja Basket Group E
Le Mans Le Mans Group G
Lisboa Benfica Lisboa Benfica Group E
Lukoil Academic Lukoil Academic Group B
magnofit Güssing magnofit Güssing Group F
Okapi Aalstar Okapi Aalstar Group C
Ratiopharm Ratiopharm Group A
Södertälje Kings Södertälje Kings Group A
SPM Shoeters SPM Shoeters Group A
Tartu Rock Tartu Rock Group B
Tofas SC Tofas SC Group D
TS MedicalPark TS MedicalPark Group F
Tsmoki-Minsk Tsmoki-Minsk Group H
Usak Sportif Usak Sportif Group H