2017 EuroLeague Women
11 Oct. 2016 to 16 Apr. 2017
Team Game High
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RESULTS: 1-5051-100101-150151-200201-250 | 251-252
 251.  ESBVA-LM (FRA)
vs Bourges Basket 42-63, 11/01/2017
42 FG2P 14/44; FG3P 3/16; FT 5/10
 252.  Hatay BB (TUR)
vs UMMC Ekaterinburg 40-103, 25/01/2017
40 FG2P 13/43; FG3P 4/16; FT 2/4
RESULTS: 1-5051-100101-150151-200201-250 | 251-252
Displaying results 251-252 of 252
GP Total Games Played 3PM 3 Points Made RP40M Rebounds Per 40 Minutes
MPG Minutes Per Game 3PA 3 Points Attempted BLK Total Block Shots
PTS Points 3P% 3 Points Percentage BLKPG Block Shots Per Game
FGM Field-Goal Made FTM Free-Throws Made BLKP40M Block Shots Per 40 Minutes
FGA Field-Goal Attempted FTA Free-Throws Attempted AST Total Assists
FGMPG Field-Goal Made Per Game FT% Free-Throws Percentage APG Assists Per Game
FGAPG Field-Goal Attempted Per Game FTMPG Free-Throws Made Per Game AP40M Assists Per 40 Minutes
FG% Field-Goal Percentage REB Rebounds PF Total Personal Fouls
2PM 2 Points Made RPG Rebounds Per Game PFPG Personal Fouls Per Game
2PA 2 Points Attempted OFF Offensive Rebounds DBLDBL Double Double
2P% 2 Points Percentage ORPG Offensive Rebounds Per Game TRIDBL Triple Double
3PM 3 Points Made DEF Defensive Rebounds