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Most points scored in a game (Top 10)
Player Points Rival Year of participation
Jae HUR (KOR) 54 Egypt 1990
Nikolaos GALIS (GRE) 53 Panama 1986
Oscar SCHMIDT (BRA) 52 Australia 1990
Jordi VILLACAMPA AMOROS (ESP) 48 Venezuela 1990
Dirk NOWITZKI (GER) 47 Angola 2006
Drazen PETROVIC (YUG) 47 Netherlands 1986
Choong-Hee CHUNG HEE (KOR) 45 Brazil 1986
Kamil BRABENEC (TCH) 44 Puerto Rico 1978
Ricardo DUARTE (PER) 42 Japan 1963
Arturo GUERRERO (MEX) 42 CAF 1974